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A”meze”, please!

Have you wondered what the word “meze” means or where the word “meze” comes from?

Upon arrival at our favorite restaurant (Lostre Kouzina, of course), before we order (or even sit down many times) either because we are in a hurry or because we are very hungry we ask for “meze” and our drink! Have you actually wondered what the word “meze” means or where the word comes from?

“Meze” is the small dish or appetizer served to accompany the consumption of a drink/alcohol. The word derives from the Persian “maze”, meaning "taste".

“Meze” is common, apart from Greece, in other Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

In Greece they usually accompany drinks such as ouzo, tsipouro, wine, retsina and beer. Typical appetizers of Greek cuisine are olives, various salads such as tzatziki, cheese salad, etc. They are usually savory, to stimulate the appetite... bon appétit!


Greek restaurant in Athens with great food and relaxed atmosphere, located in a quite street.

Ελληνικό εστιατόριο στην Αθήνα με εξαιρετικό φαγητό και χαλαρή ατμόσφαιρα, που βρίσκεται σε έναν ήσυχο πεζόδρομο.


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